Lice Eliminating Household Spray, 32 oz.


Perfect for use in the home without the toxins!

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Lice Eliminating Household Spray – 32 oz.

When someone in your household becomes the victim of a head lice infestation, you feel like everything in your home is contaminated from the couch and throw pillows to your children’s backpacks, scarves, hats, bedding, throws – everything.  Our Lice Eliminating Household Spray is a great solution for those looking for safe lice treatment products that contain no pesticides or other potentially dangerous or harsh chemicals.

What you don’t want is for another member of your family to become a victim of those pesky bugs.  While you can wash linens and certain items an infected loved one’s head comes into contact with, there are so many things you can’t launder.  Understandably, you worry about head lice taking control of your home, and your family members.  Our non-chemical head lice solutions are designed to eliminate and prevent the spread of lice using products containing natural, organic ingredients that are completely safe yet effective.  Over the years many strains of these critters have developed an immunity to insecticides and other ingredients commonly used in products found on store shelves for decades, making their effectiveness questionable.  Now you don’t have to worry!

Safe for Family and Pets

You can’t exactly toss the sofa in the washer after discovering a lice infestation. Use Remedy Home Spray on all the surfaces that infested heads (and those you’d prefer stay un-infested!) may come in contact with. It is safe to use on furniture, car seats, carpeting, bedding, backpacks, and more. It has a clean scent—no harsh chemical smells—and delivers not only a lice-free environment, but also the peace of mind that your kids are protected.  Our Cootie Control 32 oz. Household Spray is economical, safe, and above all effective.

Find out why moms across the country trust Cootie Control to safely remove their child’s lice.

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