Lice Eliminating Household Spray, 16 oz.


Perfect for use in the home without the toxins!

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Cootie Control Lice Eliminating Household Spray – 16 oz.

When a member of your family contracts head lice, it’s natural to feel that your entire home is infested including the sofa, bedding, carpets, even car seats or other items the person with an infestation comes in contact with.  You want to eliminate lice from everything in your home to ensure no one else becomes a victim, but you don’t want to use harsh or potentially dangerous chemicals – or spend hours or days scrubbing down and washing everything in your home. At Cootie Control our Lice Eliminating Household Spray truly does eliminate your worries about possible infestations or having “cooties” around your home.

While we provide non-chemical head lice solutions that give you peace of mind, we know the worry is always present that other areas of your home may result in spreading of lice.  With no harsh chemicals and comprised of organic ingredients, you can rest assured that those areas that concern you can be treated safely.  Most parents are a bit nervous about all those areas their kids’ heads come in contact with throughout their home that could have been exposed to lice eggs, whether throw pillows, the recliner, or other items.  Even more concerning is the fact that many items aren’t washable!

Environmentally Friendly

You can’t exactly toss the sofa in the washer after discovering a lice infestation. Use Lice Eliminating Household Spray on all the surfaces that infested heads (and those you’d prefer stay un-infested!) may come in contact with. It is safe to use on furniture, car seats, carpeting, bedding, backpacks, and more. It has a clean scent—no harsh chemical smells—and delivers not only a lice-free environment, but also the peace of mind that your kids are protected.  Our Cootie Control Lice Eliminating Household Spray will help eliminate the worry and stress so you can enjoy your home without worry!  Easy to use, convenient, and effective.

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