Lice Detection Kit


Get all the gear you need to check for head lice including our Lice Detector Nit Comb. Use the wooden sticks to sort small sections of hair and the magnifying glass to inspect what you’ve found. The Nit Kit comes complete with clear instructions for how to check for lice along with photos of what you should be looking for. Feel confident that you can check your kids for lice—and trust what you’ve found.

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Cootie Control Lice Detection Kit

Cootie Control believes in a natural, organic approach to eliminating head lice, given that the products used for decades and found over-the-counter not only aren’t as effective as they once were, but also contain pesticides, insecticides, and other harsh chemicals.  When you suspect a lice infestation, the last thing you want to use are products that may be potentially dangerous.  Our lice detection kit will make it simple for you to determine whether or not your child or another member of your family does in fact have an infestation.  Once you are for certain, you can take action to eliminate and prevent those pesky bugs!

With our Lice Detection Kit you receive everything you need to perform a thorough check for head lice include our unique nit comb, wooden sticks, and magnifying glass to ensure you can detect even the smallest nit or bug.  The wooden sticks included in the kit make it possible to sort through small sections of hair; the magnifying glass helps you determine if what you may find is in fact lice, or something else.  We provide clear instructions on how to properly check for those pesky buggers, along with photos that will help you feel certain that what you have detected is indeed a louse or egg, or something you need not be concerned about.

Find Lice and Nits with Ease

If you do determine lice are present using our detection kit, we provide a wide range of products designed for elimination and prevention so that you can protect not only your family members, but your entire home.  Our safe head lice solutions contain only natural, safe ingredients you can feel confident about, products that are gentle and contain no pesticides or harsh ingredients.  If you suspect a possible infestation, order our lice detection kit today for peace of mind.


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