Cootie Control Treatment Kit 1


Kit includes, 8 oz. Treatment Oil, 8 oz. Combing Spray, and Micro-Grooved Metal Nit Comb

This kit will treat 2-4 people, depending on hair length.

Everything you need to combat head lice without the harsh chemicals.

You will love the soothing rosemary mint with a touch of eucalyptus scent.

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Cootie Control Treatment Kit 1

Why use prescription or OTC products for lice treatment that frequently contain potentially harsh chemicals or pesticides?  Traditional products that have been used for years aren’t as effective as they once were, given that some strains of lice have become immune to the ingredients.

Cootie Control Treatment 1 contains everything you need to eradicate those pesky bugs without harsh chemicals.  Our products are formulated using ingredients such as essential oils that have no offensive odor and are nourishing to the scalp and hair.

Natural, organic ingredients provide non-chemical lice removal and include eucalyptus scent, rosemary mint, and other ingredients head lice find offensive – and deadly.

All You Need to Effectively Treat an Infestation

Depending on hair length and thickness, each kit provides treatment for two to four individuals, so you can treat every member of the family in a way that is economical and proven to be effective.  No hassle, no mess, no fuss – just the results you expect.  When a child’s head is infested with lice, it isn’t uncommon to find your entire family suffers the consequences.  With out Cootie Control Treatment Kit 1 you can rest assured of keeping it all under control.

Our head lice treatment kit include 8 oz. of Treatment Oil, 8 oz. of Combing Spray, and a Micro-Grooved Metal Nit Comb designed to make a thorough and effective comb-out easier.  Our safe head lice solutions are guaranteed 100% safe, effective, and chemical free.  You can feel confident your family will be free from lice and their nits after using our products.


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Weight 60 oz