Cootie Control Shampoo, 10 oz.


Use Lice Free Shampoo to prevent lice infestations before they happen. It contains no harmful sulfates, only high-quality ingredients and essential oils so it’s safe to use every day. Hair will be left squeaky clean with a fresh rosemary mint scent that you’ll love—and those nasty critters will hate.

You can’t always control where your kid’s head will be or what it might come in contact with. The complete Lice Free line keeps them protected so you can keep your sanity!

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Cootie Control Shampoo 10 oz.

Regular shampoos found at most retail stores are not designed to prevent a head lice infestation.  Only certain ingredients are effective in the fight against those pesky bugs, easily spread among children and teens in particular because of the crowded environments they often find themselves in whether at school, summer camp, sports practice, or other activities.  Our Cootie Control Shampoo is a tool you need in your arsenal to protect against lice in a way that is safe, chemical-free, and effective.  No pesticides, insecticides, or other ingredients that could be not only dangerous, but damaging to hair and scalp.

Today many parents are choosing non-chemical head lice treatment over those products found over-the-counter for years, and even prescription products.  Given that our shampoo, conditioners, sprays, and other products are guaranteed and proven effective, why even consider OTC solutions that are messy, inconvenient, and harsh?  Our Cootie Control Shampoo comes in a 10 oz. size and is gentle, containing essential oils along with other high-quality ingredients that leave hair smelling wonderful and super clean.  Head lice hate the rosemary mint scent and find it offensive, however your family will love the fresh scent.

No Harsh Chemicals

Parents have no control over head lice, or where their children may come in contact with someone who has an infestation.  With our Cootie Control Shampoo you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your family is protected from those nasty bugs.  No harmful sulfates, just clean, fresh hair that turns head lice off!  Put the worry out of your mind and take action to prevent an infestation before it takes over your life.


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