Cootie Control Prevention Toolkit


This kit will help keep those cooties off your kids. Contains high quality ingredients with a soothing Rosemary Mint Scent that both boys and girls will love.

Kit Includes 8 oz. Shampoo, 8 oz. Conditioner & 8 oz. Repelling Spray

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Cootie Control Lice Prevention Toolkit

In search of a non chemical head lice solution that is effective but free of harsh ingredients or pesticides?  Our Cootie Control Prevention Toolkit includes everything you need to keep those pesky critters away from not only your children, but your entire family.  Lice are just as common today as ever, perhaps even more so given that a favorite pastime of kids and teens is to take “selfies” using their phones, many in which heads are touching.

Our prevention toolkit contains everything you need to ensure your family stays protected from those nasty bugs, from shampoo and conditioner to repelling spray.  Gentle to hair and scalp and designed to prevent lice from coming onto the head, our safe head lice treatment products contain natural, organic ingredients that are proven effective against infestation.  With a pleasant Rosemary Mint scent, it is ideal for both girls and boys.  No harsh chemicals, yet more effective than prescription products and those well-known brands found over-the-counter for decades.  The essential oils we use are a natural repellent and it creates a barrier between your hair and a bug. The more consistent you are in using these products, the less likely you will be infested with lice!

Effective Prevention Leads to Happy Heads!

As the old saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  Why worry about head lice when you don’t have to?  Our Cootie Control Prevention Toolkit includes products containing high quality, natural ingredients that are soothing and get the job done.  You can prevent or get rid of head lice without resorting to potentially harmful chemicals!  Our toolkit includes 8 oz. each of shampoo, conditioner, and repelling spray.

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