Cootie Control Head Lice Treatment, 8 oz.


Want to kill the live ones? Then this is the perfect product to use.

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Cootie Control Head Lice Treatment – 8 oz.

So, your kid has lice and you’re freaking out? Stop and take a breath–we’ve got you covered. Cootie Control Head Lice Treatment is the chemical-free way to remove lice safely and effectively. No harsh chemical smell. No burning scalp. Only safe, non-toxic oils proven to eliminate lice and nits from hair.

Cootie Control Head Lice Treatment is the first step to regaining your sanity. For the best results, use with Cootie Control Shampoo & Conditioner, Mint Spray, and Home Spray for a fresh, clean-smelling way to a lice-free home. Also try our Nit Kit complete with all the tools you need to check for and eliminate lice and nits.

Natural AND Effective Lice Elimination

Over-the-counter and prescription products designed to eliminate a head lice infestation typically contain pesticides and harsh chemicals that are not only ineffective in many cases, but damaging to hair and scalp.  Our Head Lice Treatment is organic, pleasant, easy to use, and most important of all super effective! No mess or hassle, just peace of mind and relief from the frustration and stress of lice and their nits.  Today there are strains of head lice often referred to as “super lice” which have developed an immunity to the ingredients in products used for decades in treatment of this uncomfortable condition; our Lice Eliminating Rinse is gentle on hair/scalp, but super-tough on those pesky bugs.

Don’t put up with those “cooties” any longer!  We also recommend our Cootie Control Kit 1 or 2 when you need effective treatment for two or more members of the family – take control and be done with head lice!


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