Cootie Control Conditioner, 8oz


Use Cootie Control Conditioner after washing with Lice Free Shampoo to get an added layer of protection along with soft, tangle-free hair. It contains only high-quality ingredients and essential oils—never any harsh chemicals and sulfates. That makes it the perfect replacement for your daily conditioner for easy-to-manage hair that’s protected from lice infestations.

Staying away from infested kids and never sharing hats and jackets is the best prevention, but you can’t always keep tabs on your kids. Use the complete Lice Free Line to protect your kids—and your sanity!

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Cootie Control Conditioner –  8 oz.

Prevention of head lice is key, given that it is a very common condition among children and teens.  At Cootie Control we know that most parents prefer not to use harsh chemicals or even pesticides used to control garden pests on their children’s heads, whether in efforts to prevent or eliminate lice.  We believe in safe head lice treatment that involves the use of natural, organic ingredients that are proven effective and even trusted by schools, camps, and pediatricians.

Naturally it would be easier if you could control your children and help them avoid contact with friends, classmates, or others they come into contact with who may have an infestations.  This simply isn’t possible, and kids share combs, brushes, hair accessories, hats, scarves, and other items without giving it a second thought.  Our Cootie Control prevention lice conditioner is ideal when used with our Cootie Control Shampoo for protecting against a potential infestation. Created using essential oils and high-quality ingredients without sulfates of potentially harmful ingredients, our conditioner leaves hair soft, manageable, tangle-free, and most important of all, protected from head lice.

Safe Treatment and Prevention

At Cootie Control we suggest you use the entire Cootie Control line to enjoy peace of mind knowing your family and home are protected from those pesky bugs and their nits.  For added protection and no worry of the damage caused by traditional products used to get rid of lice, trust our rosemary mint prevention lice conditioner.


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