Cootie Control Combing Spray, 8 oz.


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Cootie Control Combing Spray

Head Lice Elimination

Our Cootie Control Combing Spray, when used in conjunction with our Head Lice Treatment, is developed to aid in the elimination of head lice and their nits in a way that is safe and convenient.  When you want a non-chemical lice solution that contains natural, organic ingredients and can be used either in treatment of an infestation or as a preventative measure, trust this pleasantly scented spray to get the job done without harsh chemicals or pesticides.

Another benefit of our 8 oz. combing spray is that unlike traditional products found on store shelves, there is no mess or hassle involved.  Our spray makes the combing process easier and more effective, so you can get rid of lice once and for all.  With a blend of essential oils lice find offensive, our products are gentle on the hair and scalp, never harsh.  Our spray is also effective when used to prevent re-infestation.

Use With Our Head Lice Treatment!

The secret to removing every last trace of those pesky bugs is in a thorough comb-out using a unique comb designed for this purpose.  Cootie Control combing spray enhances your efforts to ensure 100% removal and a comfortable experience for your child or any member of the family.  We recommend using our Head Lice Treatment with the Combing Spray for the best results.  Those looking for safe head lice treatment can rely on Cootie Control for amazing results!

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