Cootie Control Treatment Kit 2


This kit saves you $19.00!

Everything you need to combat head lice without the harsh chemicals.

You will love the soothing rosemary mint with a touch of eucalyptus scent.

This kit will treat 2-4 people, depending on hair length.

Kit includes, 8 oz. Treatment Oil, 8 oz. Combing Spray, 32 oz. Home Treatment Spray, and Micro-Grooved Metal Nit Comb

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Cootie Control Treatment Kit 2  *BEST VALUE

Our best value, Cootie Control Treatment Kit 2 includes all of the products you will need to combat head lice without using traditional products containing pesticides, insecticides, or other harsh and potentially dangerous ingredients.  Natural ingredients including rosemary mint and other essential oils have been proven effective today as non-chemical head lice solutions, and are trusted by schools, pediatricians, and camps.

Depending on hair length, thickness, and level of infestation our Cootie Control Treatment Kit 2 is usually sufficient for treating two to four individuals, so you can eliminate head lice and their nits throughout your entire family while enjoying a eucalyptus scent that isn’t strong or offensive.  Our products are natural, organic, and contain ingredients that unlike those found in traditional OTC treatments they have become immune to, are highly effective in killing head lice along with their eggs.  Traditional methods used for eradicating head lice are a hassle; we make it easy.

Safe and Easy to Use

Our safe head lice treatment kit includes 8 oz. of Treatment Oil, 8 oz. of Combing Spray, 32 oz. of Home Treatment Spray, and a special Micro-Grooved Metal Nit Comb designed specifically to remove lice and their nits.  For treatment of your family and your home and to enjoy peace of mind, Cootie Control Treatment Kit 2 contains everything you need and is our best value!  Save $19 with this kit and find a store near you who carries our products by using our convenient store locator.

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