Cootie Control Products offers a range of products specially formulated to free and protect you SAFELY, GENTLY and EFFICIENTLY from head lice!

From the start, our research convinced us that it is not necessary to use harsh chemicals in order to get the better of head lice and nits. As a result, we are proud to offer our very own complete line of highly effective products that are unique to all other products on the market. Our entire product line is non-toxic, pesticide free and safe for use by the entire family.

At Cootie Control we know most parents prefer not to use potentially dangerous chemicals on their child’s head, or even their own.  We offer safe treatment solutions so you can zap that pediculus humanus capitis infestation quickly and easily in the privacy of your own home.

This condition is certainly nothing new, however the way it is treated today is a great improvement over the hassle, mess, and inconvenience of traditional products once used and still found in stores today.  Our products contain organic, natural ingredients those pesky bugs find offensive, important considering some strains have developed a resistance to ingredients in traditional OTC products.  When used in conjunction with a thorough comb-out technique, you can get rid of nits once and for all!  Gentle on the hair and scalp, your family can get on with life and put the frustration behind you.

We offer a wide array of products proven to eradicate those nasty critters from your head and your home!  At Cootie Control, our non chemical treatment products are designed to prevent and eliminate, no harsh chemicals required.  Trust our entire line to keep your family’s heads and home bug-free!

Lice Elimination Products

Lice Prevention Products

Know the Facts, and Think Prevention!

Are you up to date on the facts of lice? Find out for yourself by visiting our Lice 101 page.

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